Twitter recently informed me that it was my eighth anniversary of signing up for the site. It’s been a regular part of my day pretty well non-stop that entire time, and has definitely integrated itself into my life in a major way. Recently, there’s been a lot of pushback against Twitter — people saying it’s grown more serious and political, and become an emotional drain. And I get that. I’ve had to force myself to step away from it during crises where there’s a nonstop flood of information. Some people are leaving the platform, or at least muting any terms that are at all political, and I think there’s value in that, especially when social media can sap our mental well-being with a constant barrage of bad news. But I don’t think I can entirely leave, or even hide the conversations I don’t like. Twitter has always been political — just like nearly every conversation is if you boil it down — and while current world events certainly highlight that more, for myself, it’s worth the effort of wading through all of that to stay in the loop.