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UFV Shuffle: Four Songs about Montreal

Songs about Montreal by Malajube, Dumas, The Tragically Hip, The Stills.



by Paul Falardeau (Arts & Life Editor)
Email: paul at ufvcascade dot ca 

Malajube – “Montreal – 40° C”

A song that sounds like early Franz Ferdinand with its choppy guitar riff, “-40” is an upbeat track to heat things up no matter how cold the weather gets.

Dumas – “Origami Montreal Origami”

A trippy little number that sounds like it can switch hit as a dance floor send-up or an ethereal soundtrack to the deepest conversation of yer young drug-addled life.

The Tragically Hip – “Montreal”

A metaphor of the city as a girl; Downie & co. hit it on the head. Montreal is cold, stylish, and beautiful. It’s packed between a snarling riff and a whirling solo.

The Stills – “Of Montreal”

Shoe-gazing material that makes you want to lift your head at the beautiful – if painful and bleak – portrait of life in La Belle Province’s big city.

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