Waiting for my sanity to pop



Accidentally letting a balloon go, and watching it fly high into the sky is probably one of the most traumatizing moments of a young child’s life. A balloon is something bright, prized, valuable, and when you lose it, it’s likely because your overwhelmingly clumsy hands couldn’t manage to hold on to what they had while they had it.

I feel this metaphor applies very strongly to my current student life situation. I am the poor, ignorant child, and this semester is the balloon. Lately, my days have been rapidly slipping away, dragging the time I have left to complete assignments and papers with it. Soon enough, the balloon will disappear, leaving behind a clear sky free of all responsibility and stress. Though what worries me is that bunch of nasty looking storm clouds (representing lost sleep and inevitable burnout) on the horizon. At this point, I either have to accept my fate and live with sub-par grades wreaking havoc on my GPA, or hit the ground running after that damn balloon.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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