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Why is there no maximum wage?



The benefits of a minimum wage are debatable. We’ll leave that at that. What about the obscene amounts of money many working people make around here? Forget the one per cent with their unfathomable bonuses, I’m talking about the guy at Cultus Lake towing a 2018 Malibu Wakesetter with a brand new Range Rover, and his friend with the fully loaded Sierra.

How about this: salary is set by the employer, as it is currently, and it can be whatever they fancy, so we can still keep track of “points” or whatever, but a paycap is set for each sector and career type and anything over that maximum wage goes into a pool allocated towards helping my distant relatives around the globe get the chance to taste a cheeseburger, or you know, more than a mud cake with a packet of white sugar mixed in for nutrients.

Just a thought. Call it an updated tithe. What’s 10 per cent of the Fraser Valley’s earnings?

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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