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The best time to support long-term, forward-thinking policy is, not surprisingly, a long time ago. The second best time is by May 9.

Everyone has their policy area, specific interests, and pet projects that will guide their decision making in the voting booth; mine maybe won’t have the biggest impact on the next four years but it hopefully will in the next 40. Politics is probably at its worst when it’s about reactionary pendulum swings or motivated more by distaste than support.

I want money as motivation out of politics, I want stringent oversight and contribution limits to make politics about selling good ideas and not just buying more advertisements. I also want people to be able to go into the voting booth and support candidates with a clean conscious; that means at the least a ranked ballot system so we don’t have to hold our nose or feel that our vote was wasted. Better yet, multi-member districts that can better proportionally represent the political views of this province.

Considering that two-thirds of major parties in this race are committed to these ideas, I hope that regardless of outcome, the winners can see the benefit this would have to our society and governance — if not to the parties themselves.

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