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CIVL Shuffle: Sexy edition



By Dessa Bayrock (CIVlian/Lifesaver) – Email

Print Edition: May 6, 2015


Dessa is a sometimes CIVL DJ and an ex-Cascade newshound. Once upon a time she said “asshole” during a radio show and got in trouble. Now she presents four lovely and wholesome songs about banging, because sex is totally okay on the radio but assholes are not.

Daft Punk
“Get Lucky”

She’s up all night ‘til the sun, I’m up all night to get some; she’s up all night for good fun, I’m up all night to get lucky. (We’re up all night to get lucky; we’re up all night to get lucky; we’re up all night to get lucky; we’re up all night to get lucky.)


I remember when I found out about chemistry; it was a long, long way from here. I was old enough to want it, but younger than I wanted to be — suddenly my mission was clear. So for a while I conducted experiments, and I was amazed by the things I learned from a fine, fine girl with nothing but good intentions and a bad tendency to get burned.

Sex Bomb-Omb
“Garbage Truck”

I’ll take you for a ride on my garbage truck. I’ve got a stereo; you’ve just got to turn the knob, and maybe we’ll go as far as we can. I’ll be your garbage man. I’ll take out your junk, and I’ll crush it down.

The Decemberists

All that I wanted in the world was just to live to see a naked girl, but I found I quickly bored. I wanted more. I wanted more! So I’ll be your candle and I’ll be your statuette. I’ll be your lashing loop of leatherette. Aw, Philomena, if only you’d let me go down, down, down.

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