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Obituary for a Spider Plant



It brings me great sadness to announce the passing of Shelob the Spider Plant on Oct. 4, 2018. Shelob started her life just like any other charming young Chlorophytum comosum when she was purchased from a local nursery in Abbotsford this past spring. She was the largest and brightest of all the $1.99 clearance plants. However, even though she was adopted into a loving home, carefully planted, and given tender loving care for the following seven months, she was the one little seedling that love couldn’t save.

Shelob the Spider Plant was loved by many, and shall be missed dearly. Her very presence was described as soothing, and she was a kind and gentle soul despite having been named after the terrifying offspring of the primordial spider in The Return of the King.

Shelob leaves behind her three sisters, Tauriel the Echinocactus, Éowyn the Zebra Haworthia, and Galadriel the Aloe Vera, all of whom are devastated, but will carry her memory with them with heavy hearts.  

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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