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A moment for moms



Moms. Everyone’s got one. Some love their moms, some don’t. Some moms are there, and some aren’t. Whether you were a product of love or something else, we all technically have moms.

Moms are not just anyone, they’re moms. Some moms suck some of the time, some suck most of the time, and some moms suck only a tiny bit.

Some mothers raise you to believe things you one day realize aren’t true, some moms teach you things that don’t make sense till you’re old and have thought them through. Sometimes you hate your mom when you’re little, sometimes you’re not mean till you’re old.

Some mothers tell you it’s okay when you’ve clearly fucked up, some beat you with a wooden spoon. Some moms are best friends, some moms just don’t get you. Sometimes moms get mad, but they’ll still feed you.

Some moms are mad all the time, and some moms are rarely mad at all. Some moms love you, but tell you you’re on your own, some moms never leave you alone.

Sometimes we listen to our moms, some of us never do. All moms have problems, some will hide it, some won’t. There is no happy medium when it comes to moms, they are grander than any spectrum or scale because they’re moms. But also, moms are people too.

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