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A taste of spring



Ah yes, it’s my favourite time of year again: fake spring. That one weekend in March where the thought of spring is dangled in front of the Fraser Valley, enticing the hibernating people out onto their motorcycles, and to hiking trails and markets across the city. The streets are lined with hopeful, smiling faces, soaking in the first warmth since September. Cars get washed, yard work is started, and spring to-do lists are created in hopeful anticipation.

“Spring is just around the corner! Better get that lawn mower up and running.”

It happens every year. We sort through our spring wardrobe, and talk wistfully of barbeques and beach parties and sitting on the patio sipping lemonade. But the forecast looms ahead of us, and dark clouds slowly creep back over our parade. When the rain hits again, and the temperature drops, and the boots come back out, it’s all the more bitter.
Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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