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The Cascade’s submission guidelines:

The Cascade is a weekly newspaper of journalism, culture, and ideas with a focus on the Fraser Valley and the University of the Fraser Valley.

The Cascade publishes thoughtful, insightful, and impactful journalism from any UFV student or alumni, meaning the tone of the paper changes but always carries UFV voices.

The Cascade is a student-run paper that encourages a focus on relevant-to-student topics. We also aim to focus on local issues or global issues with a local angle. The internet has innumerable opinions and stories but there’s only one of The Cascade.

Before submitting work, please read a print issue of the paper to familiarize yourself with conventions and stylistic choices. Then, get in touch with the appropriate sectional editor to pitch your idea/talk about possible topics.

Submit articles as Word docs or Google Docs with open sharing permissions.

Size 12 Times New Roman, single spaced, 6pt paragraph spacing.

The sections:


We publish news relevant to the university, with a small focus on community news. We want to foster a community of informed and engaged students and community members, and believe that accurate reporting does this. News writing sometimes looks challenging, but it is a crucial aspect to The Cascade’s mandate and therefore one of the most important sections.

Article word count: 500–750 words. Longer or shorter is allowed if necessary for the article.

Email for info, an assignment list, to pitch a story, or to send in tips.


We are interested in your opinion, but make sure it’s unique and relevant to The Cascade’s audience. As mentioned above, we publish in the Fraser Valley community, and work to stay relevant to it. We do not discriminate against opinions.

Article word count: 500-750 words.

Email for info, an assignment list, or to pitch an article.


We publish non-fiction features, usually longform journalism, as the edition’s featured spread. We’re primarily interested in investigative pieces, although we also interested in relevant personal essays, or offbeat and quirky stories.

Word count: 2000–4000 words. Exceptions can be made.

Email for info about stories we’re looking for or to pitch a story idea.


We are interested in photo essays, Fraser Valley specific photography, or photos to accompany written work.

We also publish art and artistic photography in our end-of-semester Zine

Email for info.


We publish a variety of event preview and coverage. Our goal is to be a hub for cultural involvement and we do this by publishing articles on local plays, shows, and concerts. We also cover unique events and tales from interesting subcultures.

Article word count: 500-750 words.

Email for info, an assignment list, or to pitch a story.


We publish critical and reflective reviews of all art, but we put a strong emphasis on locally created work. This includes, though isn’t limited to, visual art, photography, film, music, podcasts, and literature.

Reviews are not summaries and should take a critical approach to reviewing the work. This means considering the work’s purpose and use in (or outside of) the context of its genre.

Article word count: 500-750 words.

Email for info, an assignment list, or to pitch a review.

These categories are by no means rigid. We like work that crosses boundaries or attempts something unique. For any inquiries about topics or suggestions, email the respective editor.

After submitting a piece, the editor will contact you with suggested edits, to check facts, and to discuss article direction. Don’t be concerned if the editor has a number of suggested edits we want to work with you to see your writing reach its full potential.

The Cascade reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and length. The Cascade will not print any articles that are unnecessarily offensive, not in line with The Cascade’s ethos, or libellous. The writer’s name and student number must be submitted with each submission. Letters to the editor must be under 200 words if intended for print. Only one letter to the editor per writer in any given edition.

Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect that of UFV, The Cascade staff and collective, or associated members.

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