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Andrew Stahl – College of Arts Representative



Area of Study: Criminology/History Major

Experience: UFV Rowing Team, Youth Leader

What are you hoping to accomplish as the college of arts representative?

I was previously the chair for this term and that gave me a good idea of what the students want to have, what they’re aiming for and how the board representative should actually represent them regarding the in-camera meetings and public sessions. I’m having a meeting right now that includes all of the people of leadership from all of the different associations, and I want to see where they’re going, and see how I can make my position work with them and go in that same direction. What I want to do is talk to a few of the leaderships and establish what common ground the students want to see, and that’s going to be my platform I will take forward as I enter onto the board. I want to talk to the leadership’s before I get voted into this position because I don’t want to be voted in and begin working autonomously.

Is there anything that SUS has done in the past that you would have done differently?

So far, in the year that I’ve been a part of SUS, I don’t have anything negative to say. The past leaderships have been very selective with what they’ve done because, well, it hasn’t been an easy year this past year. It’s been very unique from what our normal leadership would have had to deal with. I would say I want to work with the student body to see if there’s anything they want done differently, but in regards to the leadership, I would probably stay with the current experience, and work with their experience and apply it to my own position.

How are you planning to improve communication with the student body?

I’m personally going to sit down with the other representatives before my elected day and communicate with them and establish a common ground. In regards to a more broad communication with the entire student body, I think that I would like to have boots on the ground and be involved personally with specific events. I’m in rowing, so I want to get in touch with the athletic community and see what they want done. I want to hear from students and see what is needed from me.

Are there any specific policies or bylaws that you are wanting to change?

SUS employs an organization called CASA that acts as an advocacy group for our student body. I support renewing their contract and continuing the push toward more student assistance from our provincial government. CASA is employed by other universities province wide and they have the ability to speak on behalf of students to put continuous pressure on our provincial government to bring in more provincial grants to UFV students. I want to advocate for policy that fights for student grant funding in one of Canada’s only provinces that doesn’t have this kind of policy in place.

Any last remarks?

I would definitely be open to hearing feedback from any students about anything specific that they want to see done. I will bring students ideas to the board regarding my position as the college of arts representative, and I would embrace students thoughts and concerns with open arms. I’m open to communicating with any student that comes by the SUS. We can even sit down and have a cup of coffee and exchange any ideas students might have. It’s important to me to have a first-hand experience with other students about my role on SUS.

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