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At least we have the geese



So, we didn’t get our promised shuttle bus shelter this semester. They were supposed to at least be laying the foundations by now, but I guess bureaucracy happened, as it often does.

What we have instead are a pair of Canada geese who have chosen the area near the shuttle stop at Abbotsford campus as their preferred haunt. They showed up a couple of weeks ago, and have added some much-needed colour to an otherwise dreary location.

Canada geese get a bad rap as being aggressive creatures. Personally, I’ve never seen any trouble from them in person, and the ones at the shuttle stop are as well-behaved as any I’ve encountered, apart from the faint odour of goose poo that now lingers in the area.

I know not how long they’ll stay. Perhaps they’ll have moved on by the time you read this. Or perhaps they are here to stay for the whole summer. Either way, be it salamanders, bunnies, or birds, it’s nice to see a bit of wildlife on campus.
Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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