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Women in roller skates

They warn me that I’ve sat in the most dangerous corner. I’ve brought my own lawn chair and I am preparing to watch a bout between two local, all-female roller derby teams, the Anarchy Angels and the Doomsday Bunnies. Cement flooring in this grungy, industrial warehouse at the Abbotsford Ag-Rec Center, it’s perfect. Even a half hour before the first jam the people have flooded in to circle the taped off race track. What a diverse group of spectators, ranging from children to seniors. Women of different shapes and sizes slide around wearing stockings (fishnet and otherwise), uniforms and roller skates. A man who calls himself ‘The Reverend’ picks up a microphone and addresses the boisterous crowd.

US discovers huge mineral reserves in Afganistan

The U.S. National Geographic Society, working in tandem with the Pentagon, has recently discovered up to $1 trillion of untapped mineral wealth in Afghanistan. The story, which was broke by the New York Times, outlined the different minerals that were discovered in the country, “iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium.” Of particular importance are the reserves of lithium discovered, which is an integral component in the construction of electrical goods, and could see Afghanistan become one of the world leaders in the production of lithium.

The Footprint Press and our community

As the cost of housing in the Vancouver area increased, more and more people moved into the Surrey/Langley area. Gradually, those two cities lost their farming community feel. Now Surrey is gaining high rises and Langley is turning into a sea of identical houses.