Hardwired… To Be a Rollercoaster

It’s been nearly a decade since Metallica’s last album Death Magnetic was released, and two and a half years since they released an album that has been received as positively as this one. After a quarter-century losing streak with Load, Reload, Garage Inc., S&M, St. Anger, and Death Magnetic, Metallica seems to be crawling back to the beaten path that popularized them; that’s true for some songs, anyway.

How to claim victory at the holiday dinner table

You’re at the dinner table with your [insert political ideology here] family, and the discussion moves to a subject that you vehemently disagree on. Do you stay silent, hoping they won’t prod you for further discussion, risking the chance of a silent Christmas dinner, or do you speak up and make your voice heard?

Why Trump Won

After the results were known, liberal activist Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones stayed on CNN Tuesday night to talk about President Trump. (Get used to saying it now, it’s going to be a long four years.) Van Jones emphasized that Trump’s victory was a white-lash: “This was many things. This was a rebellion against the elites — true.

Poking Holes in Free Stuff

I am sure you have heard by now that a student was seen tampering with condoms in one of the washrooms of our beloved Student Union Building on the Abbotsford campus. Since they were available for almost two months, I am envisioning a sudden surge in pregnancy tests and checkups for STDs over the next week.

Wings of Freedom fails to take off

Based on the popular manga and anime of the same name, Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom was a dream come true. I could finally fly through Eren Yeager’s hometown, the Shiganshina District, with the 3D maneuver gear, outride titans on my warhorse through the plains outside the walls, and play as Levi Ackerman in his cleaning garb.

Here’s the thing about The Great Good Thing

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon shipped out a book by American conservative writer Andrew Klavan. It’s an autobiography with a weird title, The Great Good Thing. It’s not about how America is great, or how being a conservative is fantastic, or how awesome his life is.

Snapshot: Stand Up and Vote

As we draw closer to the 41st B.C. general election, I am reminded I have a certain duty to my country: to use my freedom to vote for my province’s future. “Oh crap!” I say to myself, realizing I will have to research the candidate’s positions to make an educated vote.

Diversity workshop among several in upcoming series

Coming soon to a workshop series near you, Diversity 101 is a workshop where students can learn about what diversity means, what it entails, and what you can do to be more inclusive. Anoop Dhaliwal, international student support assistant with UFV International, shared about the workshop she organized as part of a workshop series on Friday, October 14.

The Vote Between Satan and Lucifer

The lesser of two evils mentality is flooding the minds of voters on the “Trump Train” and the “Hillary Express.” As Marcus indirectly pointed out in the interview, vote for Trump because Hillary is bad. Hillary supporters say the same thing about Trump. If you are with her, you support a crook, and the only first lady to ever be fingerprinted by the FBI. If you want to make America great again

Hannity: Trump Is Your Fault

Sean Hannity went on his show on August 30 to let out the secret: a small group will be responsible for Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court appointments if she is elected. That group is the infamous #NeverTrump movement within the Republican party.