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Clinton’s AI update adds smile and shimmy dance functions

If I’m part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, I think after that 90 minute debate last night I’d breath a tentative sigh of relief....

Lil Shitter is a Big Sweetie

So, I got my first kitten this summer because my girlfriend’s cat Stanley was lonely, and since moving into a new place we finally had the room. Mila Miami-Sandals Sharma-Gray has been a handful since, but really opened my eyes to what I missed out on by not having pets as a child.

The meme dream redeems

To say the sharing of memes, ideas, doesn't produce quantifiable results is wrong — unless we are also going to channel the same negativity towards political rhetoric, slogans, well wishes, or other shareable statements in general. While those often remain static and shallow, memes change along the way.

It’s sorta real to me dammit

Sometimes, with all the affection the phrase can muster, my girlfriend will refer to my tastes in films and movies as pretentious. If it’s meant as an insult, I think I’ve finally found the one defence that can’t be argued, proof that I can reconcile high and low culture and not look down on everyone else.

Before you watch Suicide Squad, don’t

This review will include spoilers, not only because it's hard to explain the quality of a film without referencing specific plot points, but also because this film is so terrible I’m doing you a favour by giving you the crib notes.

Rocky Ground needs more Frowns

An annual inspection of the Abbotsford campus by B.C. Safety Authority has unearthed troubling news about the campus foundation, and has UFV administration scrambling to meet building codes and regulations before the start of fall semester.

Let us Bre-Exist together a little better

"I’ve never worn a jersey for a political movement or party. I do not own a NASCAR style jumpsuit with my core beliefs and principles plastered all over, the size and placement corresponding to how highly I value them. I understand that to get stuff done in politics, we must work in groups, negotiate on common goals, and every now and then lines are drawn."

I don’t dance and because I don’t dance I am no...

"I wish I was someone who brings the party with them, who can pull a “Footloose” anywhere and everywhere and be remembered in song for generations to come. I’m too naturally irritable and uncoordinated to be that person, but the other weekend I met someone who I believe considered themselves the paragon of party-dom."

Pokemon, go? Not yet!

"t is due to my deep and unyielding belief in the potential of community, nations, goverment, and the supremacy of Nintendo’s whims that I have not used shady means and scary downloads to play Pokemon GO in Canada. So, if you don’t want society to crumble, download Pokemon GO when it’s actually out."