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What’s on your plate?

"Research conducted by UFV students was showcased alongside UFV’s involvement in the agricultural sector in the Fraser Valley region and B.C. on Friday, June 10. "

Latest addition to Abbotsford bar scene puts entertainment and comfort first

"Amid all the new artisan cafes and breweries that have been popping up all over Abbotsford, there is yet another that has joined the hipster trend in the downtown core. Located on Essendene Avenue in what used to be the Agave bar is a new craft beer lounge called The Spotted Owl, which officially opened its doors on March 4."

Abbotsford Arts Council kicks off Aboriginal Month with art and culture...

"Opening June, National Aboriginal Awareness Month, the Abbotsford Arts Council hosted its very first Aboriginal art and culture celebration."

Cafe Amarti brings a European tourist twist to Abbotsford’s list of...

"Abbotsford’s hipster artisan scene is booming — we no longer need to go to Vancouver to experience a little bit of Europe. Cafe Amarti will appeal to the Bohemian and the bourgeoisie; or to individuals who identify with both, the Bobo."

UFV expands application of readmission fee

"Students returning to UFV after more than one year of not taking classes, as well as students switching program paths, will now be required to pay a $20 reapplication fee."

Something funny’s happening in downtown Abbotsford

"If you, like me, think there isn’t very much happening in Abbotsford, then you’re in for a big surprise. Little did I know that I would find a comedy club in one of the most conservative towns in B.C., but sure enough, there it was: Yuk Yuk’s Stand Up Comedy Club."

At professional development day, professors and staff learn from students, workshops

"Overall, people from various departments, positions, and backgrounds were able to connect, learn, and grow from these workshops. To top it off, the event ended with a happy hour featuring complimentary wine and snacks."

Summer semester best enjoyed outside

"I understand that it is important for some students to expedite their studies so that they can complete their degrees in three years rather than four. We all want that, but then again, should we not enjoy a break once in a while? What happened to those awesome summer vacations that we were conditioned to look forward to during our grade school years? Summer semesters should not exist."

In fifth year of plan, UFV surpasses goal for energy reduction

By Sonja Klotz (The Cascade) – Email     Buildings change year-by-year at UFV, but how can an institution keep this up while improving its output from...

Staying safe and sane during study sessions

Ever wonder what people mean about the need to stay healthy during the stressful times towards the end of yet another term? Up until now, I just rolled my eyes when I heard about the value of health and wellness and asked people whether or not they would like to take some of my workload for me if this was so important. Little did I know that my utter exhaustion and lack of healthy eating and exercise would catch up to me.