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Boundaries in Public Broadcaster Funding



The CBC should open up to being more critical of the federal and provincial governments. It’s biting the hand that feeds, but now is a great time to establish relationship boundaries.

The public broadcaster has produced some fantastic content recently, especially with Radio One and Radio 2 — world class stuff. But now is the perfect time to toughen up. As the private sector side of journalism fades, and with the CBC seemingly favoured by slightly left leaning Ottawa, our public broadcaster needs to be bold with what it chooses to cover in its media. No fawning the top brass.

Ottawa already committed to providing increased funding to the CBC. What are they going to do, cut it all when the CBC speaks heresy against their establishment?

Besides, if the government reneges on the funding, the CBC could just dip into some of that Mansbridge pension to finance more hard-hitting journalism. They could fund a lot of journalism with that Mansbridge pension.

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