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Bugs are people too



A lot of people are scared of little critters that they have no need to be afraid of. In fact, some of our little friends (I’m looking at you, spiders) are actually really helpful, and because we live, you know, on the Earth, it’s not like were going to stop encountering them anytime soon.

I have thus concluded that what this world needs is an accurate bug identification app. Is this a happy, mosquito-catching friend, or a death-murder 5000? I don’t know, let’s Insect-o-spect it! The app could tell you about your newfound BFF: what his feeding habits are, what he’s doing in your bed at 4 a.m., if he could potentially murder you, and how to best get him out of your bed, and back outside without hurting him.

Knowledge is power, and perhaps with the knowledge that not everything is out to get you, people would be less likely to clobber our little buddies, and more likely to take them outside.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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