Don’t feed the troll, game the system, and other parables from...

Nash is the annual national conference hosted by Canadian University Press (CUP), a cross-country coalition of over 50 student papers. Some of them are autonomous, separate from their student unions and universities like we are, and others are not. Some are small, with only three students on staff, and some are bigger, with dozens of regular contributors and large offices. Perhaps the only thing we seem to have in common is passion for what we spend most of our time doing — putting together a newspaper.

Will vote for weed and nudes

VOTES4NUDES is an Instagram account run by a group called Sluts Against Harper. The account sends nude photos to anyone who sends photo proof that they have voted.

When to say no to unpaid gigs

The request of retooling a blog post of his for inclusion on their website with zero compensation is absurd and insulting to an established writer with 25 years of experience. These problems are not unique to The Atlantic, but indicative of bigger problems in the field.

Does research belong in the stacks, or on the internet?

I’ve seen a shift in academia, even comparing my first year of university to my last. It’s gotten cooler; with the constant creation and propagation of new works, there is no shortage of material to study. Do you want to study memes? You can do that. Do you want to study the themes and societal meaning in The Simpsons? UFV offers a class.

A² + B² = Snowflake ?

It’s amazing how simple events, in our case, a dump of snow, can spin such profound consequences through our lives.

Pipeline debate a battle of PR versus sensationalism

The latest in the oil-slinging pipeline battle is a lawsuit launched by the Federation of BC Naturalists (BC Nature) to challenge the approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Surveys, weasels, and other important matters

Let me first of all say that I am deeply grateful to the 339 of you who filled out our survey on MyUFV. The editors and I here at The Cascade have studied your responses carefully, we have laughed, we have cried, and we have, in certain instances, been very, very confused.

C’s get degrees and jobs

When I was in high school one of my teachers told me that I was going to go far, not because I was willing...

Editorial: A poet by any other name

Poetry is a dirty word. Often when people think of poetry, they think of some tragic soul spewing nonsensical drivel or otherwise torturing the audience with their vision. Perhaps we have seen one too many parodies of beret-wearing beat poets reciting pretentious rhymes, or maybe modern society lacks the attention span and desire to think deeply about what poetry requires.

SUS vs Cascade: Why don’t we all just do our jobs?

"The next year is a new era for both SUS and The Cascade, both organizations under brand-new leadership. SUS president Sukhi Brar and Cascade editor-in-chief Vanessa Broadbent are both human beings I respect and trust on a personal level. On an organizational level, only time will tell if we can trust them to reverse the inertia of their organizations’ biases, for the benefit of their impressionable new employees and the information-hungry UFV student body."