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Get better sinks, SUB



There are very few things all UFV students can agree on. Very few things. But I believe we are all united under one flag in protest over the sinks in the second floor bathroom in the Student Union Building. I will say, without exaggeration, that they are by far the worst sinks I have experienced in my hand washing career.

First of all, the water pressure is what I’ve always dreamed my shower would be. It’s like a tiny fire hose, blasting cold water at your hands at pressures previously unheard of. Cupping your hands is like placing a spoon under a running faucet. Every time, I’m not expecting it. And every time I stumble out of the bathrooms, drenched and confused, with my glasses covered in water droplets. Plus, the water never gets warm. (Not that you can stand the pressure long enough to even notice.)

One day, I hope to be able to use the upstairs bathrooms not only because I’m too lazy to walk down the stairs, but because I want to. I hope to wash my hands without fear.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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