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Harry Potter and the Corrupt Cadre



The wizarding world is an incestuous, isolationist network of people who think they are better, but put absolutely no effort into actually trying to change the world and material conditions for billions of hungry and suffering across the globe. I mean, are we supposed to sympathize for their plight as society death spirals into civil war? With who? Even the Weasleys, who are supposed to be the good-hearted, working-class familial example are terrible. The Patriarch is a bumbling oaf who treats muggles like attractions at a 19th-century human zoo rather than as people. They don’t even have to pay tuition for their dozen kids to attend school. All the housework is automated by magic!

If not outright malicious in their reluctance to help the rest of the planet face its problems, they are at least negligent, aloof, and untrustworthy with that level of power. I would have at least expected more out of Hermione.

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