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“I’m slipping under”



I miss playing video games, but mostly I think I just miss being toxic. League of Legends (I was a Teemo main) at its peak especially, probably exemplifies everything great about being an asshole in a video game. Like with most things, moderation is key. Being unwarrantedly negative and aggressive over a competitive video game can instill bad habits, language, and coping mechanisms that have no place in the real world. Not to mention there are still always lines that should not be crossed, even when you’re dealing with strangers over the internet. Stay smarmy, but don’t get abusive. Those are people on the other end.

However, there’s still the level at which it can be a relieving outlet and a good way to decompress from the day. I just wish I had a game and community to do that with now, but nothing has really piqued my interest. Also, as it stands, my cats don’t understand or riff on my off-colour jokes, and I can’t be mean to them (unless it’s in a cutesy voice), because if the younger one ever gets stressed she poops under the couch.

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