Local transfer creates waves for men’s basketball

By Nathan Hutton (Contributor)– Email

Print Edition: September 25, 2013

Ford practices his game face.

Ford practices his game face.

Name: Kevin Ford
Number: 3
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Last School: CBC
Position: Combo guard
Favorite Food: Cheeseburger

After spending the last two years of his collegiate basketball career with the Columbia Bible College (CBC) Bearcats, guard Kevin Ford decided to bring his talents to UFV this summer and join an already talented Cascades squad. Ford has been a strong part of the Bearcats’ success the past two seasons and is ready to extend this success into the CIS. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Kevin this week and in the process got to question him about his upcoming role and how his time in the PACWEST prepared him for the jump to CIS.

What made you come to UFV?
Well there was a cancellation of a program at CBC called the early childhood education program, [and] that was one of the draws that made me come out here. Since they cancelled that  it was like all my credits were leaning towards being a pastor or doing missionary work and that was something that was really not convincing me to stay there, so switching here to UFV [and] having more opportunities in the stuff I wanted to do was really a draw.

How did your two years at Columbia prepare you for the CIS?
It was good because during the summer I would play against the UFV guys and [CBC] had an exhibition game against UFV [both years] I was there. That was really the game that got me ready to play the rest of the season, that was the game that got me in shape. The transition to playing CIS was pretty simple.

Growing up, who inspired you to play basketball?
It was my uncle. He was the guy who actually taught me how to play, taught me how to use my body, and how to get in certain places.
Can you describe your game?
I like to get people open shots, I like to put pressure on the defense, I like to guard everybody out on the floor and make my teammates’ game easier for them. I do the damage work to get open shots for them.

What are your personal goals for the season?
I would say, because this team was fourth in Canada [in 2011-2012], I want to improve on that. I’m not here to take anyone’s shot, I’m just trying to progress as the season goes on and do what I can to help the season and the team.