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Move over, movies



People always ask if I’ve seen this movie or that movie, and the answer is often no. I watched a lot of movies growing up, but in the past seven or eight years I’ve stopped almost altogether. I’ll go see the newest Marvel or Star Wars movie with friends if they’re going, but at home I rarely bother. I know there are tons of amazing movies out there, but in this age where the supply of good entertainment vastly outnumbers the time available to consume it, I have to be picky. I’ve found I have a better success rate with modern TV than movies. The comedy is funnier and more tightly packed, the drama has more room to get you invested, and the tension can build and breathe much more freely. And in this post-Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones world (not to mention the Netflix factor), creators aren’t just saving their ambitious ideas for movies and limiting TV to “safe” projects. The scales that were always so heavily tipped in favour of movies are shifting, and the two can now stand side by side.

Illustration: Amara Gelaude

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