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I know I’m not alone in this. As soon as September rears its ugly head, or more specifically, the one-week-before-school anxiety does, the pressure to suddenly become the most organized and productive student settles in. We buy our frivolous pumpkin spice lattes and go all out: colour-coded pens, stacks of unsharpened pencils, eight Five Star notebooks for three courses, and most importantly, a daily academic planner that never fails to be used once and only once. We’ve all done it — needlessly spent well over a hundred dollars worth of supplies for a false sense of productivity. Every. Single. Year. Or every semester, if you’re truly keen. In high school, the supply list was mandatory, now it’s more than voluntary as the need for academic stability rises and university students become increasingly aware of the direction they’re heading. At least the three different shades of yellow highlighter helps numb the pain. This school supply binge undoubtedly concerns those who chase that familiar high of “having your life in order” without any of the dirty work. I write this as my 2018/19 planner rests on my desk, in pristine and crisp condition. I look forward to never using it.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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