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Red velvet



Does anybody know what red velvet cake is supposed to taste like? Don’t get me wrong, red velvet is delicious, but as I was eating a slice of red velvet loaf from Fair Grounds, I couldn’t help but wonder what flavour red velvet has. Racking my tastebuds, I could find none. It doesn’t really taste like anything. You would think that the colour would be an indication, but it doesn’t taste like strawberry, cherry, cinnamon, or anything else you might expect. It just tastes sort of cakey, if that makes any sense. I honestly don’t get red velvet cake’s recent popularity. Maybe it’s because I’m eating the wrong kind. I’ve had red velvet loaf, and a red velvet muffin, but I can’t recall ever eating an actual slice of red velvet cake. I still enjoy it, but I think after trying it, I’ll be more likely to choose something with a flavour of its own.

Illustration by Amara Gelaude

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