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Salsa salvation



A number of weeks ago I lamented in a Snapshot the guano labeled as salsa by celebrity chef Guy Fieri. I haven’t watched his show, but the big fellow strikes me as a man with a rich and intimate knowledge of salsas; he is not.

But I, being a bit of a salsa man myself, have, in the wake of adversity, in fact salvaged and improved the formula: I fermented the hell out of it.

I still don’t recommend the salsa. It’s more expensive than your middle-of-the-road grocery store salsas, and the fermentation only brought it to par with Pace — which actually says a lot about the big flavour favor fermentation did on the stuff.

Now, finally, the salsa has the zest it missed, a touch of effervescence, and it’s an all-around healthier sauce.

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