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Snapshot? More like napshot



I’m jealous of people who can fall asleep quickly, but more than that, I’m jealous of people who can nap. It seems so idyllic and peaceful, to just lie down and sleep for half an hour or an hour, and wake up feeling refreshed. I’ve tried. Extensively. But at some point in the time since my toddlerdom, I’ve forgotten how to sleep during the day. I guess that gives me more time in the day, and means I never have the temptation to nap instead of achieving all of my hopes and dreams, but what can I say. Sometimes, when I have two hours to kill between classes, it’d be awfully nice to curl up in the back of my car, and sleep the time away. I’ve tried all kinds of tricks to fall asleep, but the best I can do is a vaguely peaceful eye-closedness. It’s okay, but it’s boring as anything. I’m paying big bucks to be at UFV, and I feel like these are the life skills they should be teaching me.

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