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Snapshots: Tipping, C-Building ghost town, Donald Trump, and ATMs

Curtailed commentary on current conditions: Tipping, C-Building, Donald Trump, and ATMs




Tipping for coffee?

Having worked in the food industry, I understand how important tips are. A lot of food industry workers rely on tips. But what I don’t understand is why every single coffee shop now feels the need to add a tip option on their debit machine.

I’m okay with tipping a waitress who spent the past hour and a half running back and forth from a restaurant kitchen, but if all you did was pour my two-dollar coffee, I don’t feel that there’s a need to leave a tip. If I think the service was great I might drop my change into the tip jar, but asking me for one while I pay is just too much.

Vanessa Broadbent


C-Building blues

The renovated C-building feels weird. CiVL HQ, The Cascade offices, and the Student Union Society moved to the new Student Union Building, and it’s strange to walk down the hall and not see those familiar people and places. Instead, the rooms are wide open, and there are only lines in the new classrooms’ concrete floor showing where the walls once were. The hallways of C-building just feel so plain now compared to the old hive of activity.

The changes were sorely needed, though. I suppose I’m nostalgic for old times just because they’re gone, and nothing more.

Catherine Bell


Where’s our Donald Trump?

I think Donald Trump is an ignorant, racist, and fear-mongering human. His campaign is riddled with absurd potential policies and radical ideas such as building a wall along America’s border with Mexico.

However, despite all this, is a character like “The Donald” what Canada needs to make us care? Our cookie-cutter politicians never seem to capture the attention of the general Canadian public and, quite frankly, they all give off the same mundane vibe. Perhaps a character that is so extreme with his policies would make us actually want to vote. Perhaps this would make us want to support other candidates to assure an outrageous candidate would not get elected. Perhaps having a flashy candidate would get more Canadians to tune-in to leadership debates. Donald Trump is outrageous, but at least he’s bringing new people into the political discussion.

Jeffrey Trainor


Cash hassles on campus

ATMs: what’s up? I often find myself needing change on campus when somebody’s selling snacks or I’ve lost my bus pass for the millionth time. That’s my fault, of course. What isn’t my fault are the issues with ATMs at this university. About a third of the time I go to the one behind the cafeteria and find that it’s out of order, so I have to go searching for a back-up. Recently, I went to take money out of the ATM in A-building, only to find it’s not there anymore! Is there even an ATM in every building? All this is running around for a money machine can be a real problem when I need bus change at the last minute in order to get to work on time.

Please, ATM gods! Bless us lowly students with more reliable access to cash on campus.

Alex Rake

Images by: Danielle Collins

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