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Snow it begins



Being at UFV in the late afternoon on November 2 was an interesting experience. The SUB was bustling with students, all eyes watching the first snow of the season falling outside. It didn’t amount to much and was gone by the next day, but the fear and panic we all felt over that centimetre or so of snow was real.

I’d heard that this year wasn’t supposed to be bad for snow (in the way that one “hears” predictions about an entire season’s weather months ahead of time, and can’t remember who told them that), but getting a serious dusting, even a brief one, just two days after Halloween is not an indicator of a light winter. It’s time to get those snow tires on, stick a sleeping bag in the trunk, and start crossing your fingers that if it snows enough to make the roads scary, it’ll snow enough for UFV to shut down.

Oh, and if classes aren’t cancelled, be prepared to spend even longer finding parking once piles of snow start hogging more than their share of spaces.

Happy winter, everyone!

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