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Soundbite : ba:zel – This Again! / Still Mandatory!



Prague’s ba:zel dropped by Carport Manor last week and treated attendees to an ethereal electronic bonanza that toed the line between trance dance and a more contemplative, coo-heavy experience. The duo, whose output is sometimes energetic, sometimes lethargic, but never anxious, has been making music since 2014.

Their performance at Carport betrayed only that the chemistry between Daniel Vl?ek and Ewelina Ai-fen Chiu is such that, while both members focus on individual elements of the production (Daniel on the synth and percussion, Ewelina on, surprisingly, flute, keyboards, and vocals), their work comes out as the product of one entity.

Listening to their latest singles, one understands that the project is as much an exercise in electronic music production as it is an exercise in comradery between the artists involved. Nowhere was this more evident than onstage at Carport, where Ewelina and Daniel performed more as if one than a duo.

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