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Soundbite: Beach House – B-Sides and Rarities



Beach House’s not-quite-follow-up to 2015’s Thank Your Lucky Stars is more of a band-aid to the duo’s ailing fan-base than it is a cure to sate the demand for new content from the band.

That said, the record is chock-full of shoegaze goodness for a B-sides release. In a move towards more ambient production, “10 Mile Stereo” appears on the record stripped down and surrounded with a blanket of reverb that augments the track’s bittersweet main melody and places it in a more reserved setting than its original release.

The record also brings with it a couple of new releases, the most memorable of which is “Wherever You Go,” which (perhaps unwittingly) takes a page out of Mac Demarco’s songbook and adds a more danceable guitar riff to the more straightforward shoegaze production of tracks like “Baseball Diamond” and “Play the Game” (Queen cover), both of which seem like more hesitant iterations of material that could have easily found itself on 2010’s Teen Dream.

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