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The best and worst seats at UFV



If you walk around UFV’s Abbotsford campus, there’s one thing you’ll notice everywhere: places to sit. Even at busy times, it’s not hard to find somewhere to rest between classes, give your legs a break, and maybe eat some lunch. But how good are these sitting fixtures, really? I set out on a quest to find UFV’s best seats. As a writer-type, I’ve spent most of my adult life sitting, which makes me a uniquely qualified expert in assessing this complicated and intricate issue. I’ll tell you which seats at UFV deserve the honour of supporting you, and which aren’t worth the time it takes to say “chesterfield.”

C Building, Ground Floor

I’d never had a reason to go into C building before, but after sitting on this bench, I’d consider going back. With three spacious cushions, you could easily fit your whole squad onto this bench and have room to spare. While it could use a back, that would fundamentally alter its nature as a bench, so I have a hard time docking it points for that. Surprisingly comfy, this is a perfect place to wait for a class, and I’m sure it’s hosted more than a couple of nappers, too.

Comfort: 4/5: Soft and comfy, if you’re sitting in the right position.
Appearance: 2/5: Won’t impress anyone, but isn’t trying to.
Location: 3/5: While in a potentially busy area, it is convenient.
Final verdict: 4/5: Better than it looks.

SUB/C Path
Situated between the SUB and C building, this picnic table has seen better days, but probably wasn’t great even during them. The bench boards are surprisingly narrow — you always feel on edge, as if a strong breeze could send you tumbling to the ground. In addition, it’s smaller than the picnic tables you’d find in most parks, and feels like it could tip if you put too much weight on one side. Honestly, the only thing it has going for it is its proximity to Bucket Corner.

Comfort: 1/5: Just no.
Appearance: 2/5: It’s got some rustic charm, I guess?
Location: 4/5: Close to the SUB, but kind of out of the way, quiet, and offers fresh air.
Final verdict: 2/5: 2tiny2tippy.

D Building – Entrance by SUB

Even though I’d walked past these couches numerous times, I’d never sat in them before, because they’re almost always full during regular school hours. After trying them out, I can see why: these couches (and the others like them, which can be found on the higher floors of D building) are fantastic. If you could get one to yourself, and prop yourself up on a backpack as a pillow, you could have a fantastic lie down here — but that will never happen during rush hour.

Comfort: 5/5: I want these in my home.
Appearance: 4/5: Funky purple and weird designs aren’t for everyone, but they work well here.
Location: 3/5: A great spot to meet up and wait for class, but the amount of traffic could be distracting.
Final verdict: 5/5: Awesome, but crowded.


After three classes in this room, I can comfortably say that these chairs are uncomfortable. The backs curve at a weird angle, and the overhang of the tables comes down a little too low onto your legs.

Comfort: 1/5: Ow, my back.
Appearance: 1/5: If you asked me to describe these chairs without looking at a picture of them, I couldn’t remember a single detail.
Location: 4/5: Quiet and out of the way when lectures aren’t happening, and ideally situated for when they are.
Final verdict: 1/5: Wouldn’t sit in again (but will sit in again).

Outside B Building

These picnic benches could not be more different than the one mentioned earlier. They’re more plentiful, making it easier to get a seat. They’re stone, making them stable and secure. The benches are wide and, for stone, surprisingly comfortable. They’re in an area with great potential for shade and breezes.

Comfort: 3/5: Maybe not something you’d sit on for hours, but ideal for a lunch break.
Appearance: 2/5: Function over form is the name of the game here (and by game I mean seat).
Location: 5/5: It doesn’t get much better than this — when the weather’s good, at least.
Final verdict: 3/5: Solid, and not just because they’re stone.

The Green
These benches are scattered across the green, and you’ll often see them filled by students listening to music, or doing some studying throughout the day. But are they actually good? No. No they are not. This particular specimen’s boards feel rickety and wobbly, and the back curves at an uncomfortable angle. The location is excellent, but on a dry day, I’d probably just sit on the ground instead.

Comfort: 1/5: Wobbly and awkward.
Appearance: 3/5: Inoffensive.
Location: 4/5: I’d feel awkward sitting so close to the path, as lots of people walked by, but if you’re not weird like me, probably a great place to chillax.
Final verdict: 2/5: Meh.

Bus stop watchpoint

This collection of tall chairs is sure to be busy at peak times, especially when the weather’s bad, but if you can snag one of these chairs, don’t hesitate. The excellent, ergonomic design is surprisingly comfortable, and the counter in front of them is at an ideal laptop-using height. If you’re waiting for a bus, or have a high tolerance for crowded areas, this is a great place to work.

Comfort: 5/5: I hope whoever designed these chairs won some kind of award.
Appearance: 3/5: A bit bright for my tastes, but against the muted colours of the room, they call out, beckoning you like sirens for your butt.
Location: 5/5: They serve a very specific purpose, and they do it perfectly.
Final verdict: 5/5: While waiting for the wheels on the bus to go round and round, this is the best seat to be found and found.

There are a lot of gazebos on the green, and they provide a scenic, shaded area to hang out, removed just enough from the walkways to get a bit of privacy for your conversations. However, the pervasive smell of cigarettes can prove a major negative for non-smokers, and the benches are too narrow to really lounge back on.

Comfort: 1/5: Good posture is important, but I’m not looking for a gazebo to enforce it on me.
Appearance: 2/5: The gazebo looks nice, but the benches themselves are plain wood, and some show signs that birds like gazebos too.
Location: 5/5: Yeah, it’s pretty nice.
Final verdict: 2/5: Scenery doesn’t make up for discomfort or odours.

The Cascade Office — Couches

I know this may be a conflict of interest, or at least influenced by bias, but the green couch and loveseat in The Cascade’s office are phenomenal for lying down. While the low arms make them lose a few points when you need to share, I could (and have) spend hours on end lounging here, and I know they’ve hosted at least a couple of naps, too.

Comfort: 5/5: Zzzzz.
Appearance: 2/5: It looks like a couch you’d get for free on Craigslist, but that’s just because it’s so comfortable and well-used.
Location: 5/5: Surrounded by cool people doing cool things.
Final verdict: 4/5: Would laze on again.

The Cascade Office — Chair

The glorious throne that inspired this article. While it looks strange, the bowl-shaped beauty is a masterpiece of comfort, even though the cushion has started to deteriorate and get too thin. If you’re ever in the SUB and need a place to sit, come say hi, and curl up in this chair. It’s located in the Quiet Room, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of newspaper life, with a great view to spy on people walking past the SUB.

Comfort: 5/5: One of the only two places on campus I’ve actually slept.
Appearance: 5/5: Some might give this a 1/5, but those people have no appreciation for art.
Location: 5/5: Quiet, private, and very convenient (if you work at The Cascade).
Final verdict: 5/5: Engulfs like a pro.

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