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The geese are back in town



It’s officially spring. Not because the calendar says so. Not because it stopped snowing and warmed up 20 degrees. But because the true harbingers of the season have arrived: UFV’s resident Canada geese.

These good, good geese showed up on the patch of grass across from Baker House last week, after going off to whatever tropical paradise geese spend the winter in. I like to think it’s the same pair that’s been spending most of their time at UFV year after year. I wonder if they’ve started to pick up some information from eavesdropping on students? Maybe they’re students themselves, and that’s why they’re around so much. Is it stereotyping for me to think that they’re probably in the aviation program?

Regardless, these big, boisterous birds should be honoured in some way by the university. Perhaps they can team up with Sasq’ets as co-mascots, or find a space on the university coat of arms. At the very least, an honorary doctorate seems in order.

Image: Satinder Dhillon/The Cascade

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