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Arts in Review

The Good, The Bad and the UFV Shuffle

The Grass Roots, The Tragically Hip, Afroman and more in this week’s edition.



by Paul Falardeau (Arts & Life Editor)
Email: cascade.arts [at] ufv [dot] ca

The Grass Roots – “Let’s Live for Today”

Aside from being an awesome song with a good message, I recommend this track because I now know you’ll be able to see its video at, yeah? Take a close look at the band’s guitarist. Yup, that’s Creed Bratton, quality assurance, Dunder Mifflin’s own aging oddball. Bratton plays a caricature of himself on The Office. He can also rip out a wicked solo. Dude.


The Tragically Hip – “Fireworks”

“You said you didn’t give a fuck about hockey / I’d never heard anyone say that before.” An interesting little song that explores… ah hell, it’s just really catchy and I love the opening lines a lot: listen, listen, listen.

RJD2 – “Bus Stop Bitties”

Call this track what you will. So long as those words include soulful, inventive, playful, groovy and tuna fish sandwich. It’s seriously good and good for you. Yum.

Afroman – “Back on the Bus”

Dedicated to Aaron Levy and he knows why. It’s shockingly good.

Umphrey’s McGee – “Mulch’s Odyssey”

Well, every story must have its end. Odysseus was killed horribly before returning to Ithaca, or so I assume, (I don’t take English 301 until next semester) and dear Mr. Mulcher met a similar fate (rabid weasels in the anus, if I’m allowed to say) and so we must bid him adieu. Mr. Mulcher, we hardly mulched thee.

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