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And with that, the final grade has come in and in a few weeks’ time I’ll be graduating with a bachelor of arts with a major in political science and minor in English. I am returning in the fall for studies in a different program (which has practicums, woo!), but this still marks the end to a journey in my life that is hard to describe. There have probably been more downs than ups, but those were in the classroom. Everything else that I’ve taken on and tried on this campus, from CIVL, Student Life, The Cascade, SUS, and clubs, have all contributed just as much to my growth and education. I’ve gotten to put ideas into practice, gain new experience and skills, and argue over minutia and mandate to my heart’s content.

If there’s any advice I’d give to newer students, it would be to make the most of your experience while you’re here. This place ain’t perfect, but you also only get out of it what you put into it — just like any other part of life. And if there is any advice I’d give to UFV, it’s that more people would be willing to put in that little extra if we didn’t have to pay for parking.

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