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The wrong song



I am not exactly a musical person, but I do enjoy music, and have my own preferred genres and favourite songs. In my time, I have developed a number of music-related pet peeves. For example, don’t you just hate it when a song you like starts playing on the car radio and the driver changes the channel? Differing musical tastes is one thing, but it is just cruel to let someone get into the zone only to brutally yank them out of it just when they are getting into the groove.

Almost as bad as an interrupted song is one that never gets there at all. You think it’s a certain song, but it is not. It starts out in a similar way, it builds up and builds up (or so you think), but the signature melody or lyrics you are waiting for never come, because it is a different song after all. Or perhaps it is the right song but is a terrible cover version, leaving you disappointed when the singers open their untalented mouths and spoil it. So many things can snatch away what was supposed to be an awesome tune and leave you frustrated.

Image: Mikaela Collins/The Cascade

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