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Who grades the graders?



With registration for the winter semester upon us, it’s that time of the year where we start asking our friends, “Have you ever taken a course with so-and-so? How was it? Was it tough?” And sometimes weighing which of multiple professors offering the same course we should choose. One resource for finding out about past students’ experience is, which allows for short reviews of instructors. Most of UFV’s have at least a handful, and by and large I’ve agreed with the general consensus on most of the profs I’ve taken (though there’s always a handful who have harsh, seemingly very bitter criticisms that you have to take with a grain of salt). But many of these reviews are from a decade ago, or even earlier, and especially when choosing courses in evolving fields or online courses, they can be very different. So, I’m just here to encourage you to take 10 minutes, and write a quick review for the professors you’ve taken courses with — help your favourites get more students, and warn of potential challenges you faced. You’ll make someone who’s agonizing over course selection’s life just a little easier.

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