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The Cascade is starting a new end of semester tradition: a zine! Throughout the semester, start gathering your very best creative work: short stories, graphic design pieces, literary non-fiction, non-academic essays, photography, poetry, drawings, paintings. If you created it, we want to see it!

The submission period is from September 5th to October 31st at midnight. Please submit your work with a 50 word, third person bio. By November 7th, you’ll be notified of whether your work will appear in The Cascade’s end of semester zine.

On top of this, we’ll also be doing a contest for the best pieces. First prize in literary journalism will be $200, fiction will be $200, visual art will be $100, and poetry is $100. Good luck!


  • Please only submit up to five poems, and three of literary journalism, fiction, and art. Compile all writing in one Word file and save it as “CascadeZineSubmission.”

  • Submissions should be 12-point font and free of spelling mistakes and obvious grammar issues. However, work will be edited upon acceptance.

  • For short stories and literary journalism: please keep the word count below 5000 words, and please provide a word count.

  • For all visual art: please include dimensions and medium, and only send us high quality, high resolution photos.

  • Only submit your best work – work that’s been well-crafted and polished will be chosen over that which is rough or obviously unfinished.

  • The Cascade buys first serials rights, but the artist retains copywright.

  • Please make sure you follow all guidelines! Any work that does not meet them will not be considered.

For more information and to submit, email