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CIVL Shuffle – October 18, 2017



Because baseball playoffs, AND because CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy recognizes that some years ARE just intended by the PTB for, *sigh*, the Bronx Bombers. This edition of the shuffle is dedicated to the folks at Security, IT and Ancillary Services, because they keep us running here both on campus and off, and because there are a slew of, *sigh*, insufferable Yankee fans among their ranks :P

The Isotopes — The Legend of George Brett

Like Brett, this band can exhibit some unbecoming behaviour when pressed, for time or patience, perhaps. This song is an offering to the non-Jaybirds among us, as Brett’s legacy includes the summary dismissal of the Toronto Blue Jays in the 1985 American League Championship Series with Kansas City’s Royals.

Betty Jane Bonney/Les Brown — Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio

It’s 1941, July 2nd, as the lyrics elude, and Joe is about to set a record for the most consecutive games with a base hit. As of yet unknown: Within the year, this song would be a hit and DiMaggio would become MVP before spending 3 years in Europe fighting Nazis.

Simon and Garfunkle – Mrs. Robinson

Perhaps an even more complete tribute, this song refers to the Yankee Clipper, as he was known in his personal life, the not-quite-widower of Marilyn Monroe, and wasn’t yet a Hall of Famer when the last song was written, apparently didn’t appreciate Monroe’s disdain for bathing? Who knows.

Choclair — Let’s Ride

A song that, among other things, immortalizes through hip hop the most meaningful walk-off home run a slugger has ever hit. Pittsburgh’s 1960 walk-off WAS the only such game 7 clincher, (Carter’s was game 6), but Mazeroski’s nearly the definition of light hitting (read: best ever defensive) infielder.

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