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Are affirmative assholes reverse racist?



Promises were made, promises that said only “the best people” would make up his administration. Yet for once a broken Trump promise might actually work in the benefit of the world, even if it is another example of stunning conservative hypocrisy. Yes, his administration is made up of assholes, but are they really the best? Did merit and individual talent really bring them to the higher echelons of power? Did they out lie, cheat, steal, scheme, and shout their competitors through sheer force of will, frothing self importance, and lack of self awareness?

I say no. Sure, Kellyanne Conway came out of the gate strong, but she’s shown an incredible lack of tactical depth or range in obfuscation we’re used to politicians and pundits lying, so we hold liars to a higher standard. Sure Stephen Miller and Rudy Giuliani are scumbags whose spines have been sold and replaced, but they trip over themselves and are so inept at covertly pushing their insidious and incredibly dangerous agenda that they were directly quoted by a federal judge in the decision that led to Trump’s second travel ban being blocked.

They are assholes, but they aren’t the best at being assholes. They are only there out of some twisted affirmative action plan and crony nepotism. But please, don’t do better.

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