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Finding your Halloween fear

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s ready to jump out and scare the pants clean off of you! If you’re tired of midterms, classes, and assignments, and are just looking for a good scare, here is a big list of Halloween events to get your hair standing on end and to wrench some truly bloodcurdling screams out of your very soul! Or perhaps to give you a nice romp through a pumpkin patch or evening of theatre, if horror isn’t for you.

Art of the Month: October

Art of the Month- October.

Maximize your fashion fun this summer!

"Whatever the occasion, maxi dresses are a lot of fun and flattering on almost every body shape and size. And for those of you who are taking summer classes, what better way to hit the books than wear a comfortable dress in class. So try a maxi dress this summer and stay cool!"

World War I replica trench nears completion

Students walking behind the Envision Athletic Centre on UFV’s Abbotsford campus may have noticed an unfinished wooden trench on the green, and after months of building and preparation, it’s almost ready for business.

Field Days Brings Abbotsford Together with Music, Beer, and Community

"Live music and craft beer are what summer is all about, and the folks at Field House Brewing Co know that more than anyone. In the last weekend of June, the brewery hosted the first ever Field Days Festival as part of The Backyard Concert Series. Brothers Adam and Levi Klassen, who started the Backyard Concert Series last year, said that the purpose of hosting the festival is for people to get out and support local artists in Abbotsford."

Letter to the Editor: “New agreement opens transfer path from Columbia...

"It has taken a day or so for me to find the words as to why this makes me angry. Columbia Bible College is a private institution that has specifically outlined in its Student Handbook that "homosexuality will not be tolerated.” … This passage can be found in the section titled "Community Standards,” under the section called "Appropriate Sexuality."

Letter to the Editor: Experiential Learning and Wellness Fee

"This additional fee for me totalling $50.22 is approximately 5.0 hours of work on minimum wage to cover services already in existence — I would think UFV would like to keep its services affordable and not pay for redundant services comparable to those already in place."

Experimental poetry is not heartless

"If language is a door made of diamond, protecting a room full of the mysteries of being, TH BOOK busts it down, breaks it apart, makes all kinds of baubles out of it, and just leaves the room intact and open for the reader to explore blindly. And yet, after all the distraction of my metaphor there, TH BOOK does not claim to be some key to the universe. It’s just a book, and one that deserves your attention."

UFV’s new energy manager outlines his goals for the coming year

"UFV recently hired a new energy manager, Blair McFarlane. To get an idea of what his responsibilities here at UFV will be, The Cascade sat down with McFarlane to discuss our energy consumption and his plans for a greener future."

ESports Valley to host first-ever gaming marathon

"Students with a love for electronic gaming will be transforming the Student Union Building into a LAN party on July 22-23. The Esports Valley (ESV) club is hosting its first LANslide at UFV, an event where gamers get together, many bringing their own laptops and computers, to get their game on."