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At the end of every day I set off on my journey back to Chilliwack, boarding the shuttle bus and laying my head back, tense and ready for rest as the lights dim. I’ll still have to wait for the city bus, but what gets me through the ride every time is the A&W logo blaring from the garage of a home just a minute from the Chilliwack Trades building. I don’t know why or how mere mortals managed to gain possession of such a sign, or why they keep it lit every night without fail; it’s the kind that goes 50 feet above the ground with the sign under saying that they’re hiring. At this point though, I’ve stopped asking questions. All I can say is thank you to the owners for the service you provide our community. Your A&W sign is a beacon of hope: a lighthouse to ground me if I’m lost in life. If you’re ever feeling down yourself, I encourage you to turn your head gently to the left on the shuttle bus to Chilliwack and gaze upon the Sign. Bow your head in respect, smile, and go on your way knowing that miracles happen every day.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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