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CIVL Shuffle – March 20, 2019



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy is excited to host Fredericton, N.B.’s Motherhood in Abbotsford on March 29, and in honour of the occasion, here is an opportunity for you to follow him down the rabbit hole he falls into whilst looking for/at things online!

Motherhood – “Bird Chirp (Ft. The Hypochondriacs)”

This song is one of the rare occasions in non-hip-hop-oriented “indie” music where you’ll see a song released that has a “featured” artist involved on the recording in this case, The Hypochondriacs, who wail this traditional folk-psalm sounding bit. You can catch this on their BANDCAMP VIDEO!

The Hypochondriacs – “The Meeting Place”

Said Hypochondriacs also have this song that speaks to me due to its name, which is the English translation of the traditional Indigenous word that phonetically translates to the language I’m typing in as “Toronto,” which is (the more you know) why our central municipal business hub is so named.

Johnny Cash and Family – “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”

This is the song the aforementioned Hypochondriacs performed at the end of the Motherhood track “Bird Chirp,” and this is how it was performed by Johnny Cash and Family as released on the summer 1999 record Johnny Cash Live! It also features a track called “Casey Jones,” but not the Grateful Dead’s.

The Grateful Dead – “Casey Jones”

THIS is the aforementioned version of said song named after Casey Jones, but not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles version of Casey Jones who thought you had to know what a crumpet was to know about cricket while he was fighting with Rafael after following him out of a movie.

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