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CIVL Shuffle — May 1, 2019



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy is super deep into American Vandal right now, and with season one wrapping up on his netwatching account, season two is in full thrust at chez me! Don’t mess around though, okay?

The Vandals – “Why Are You Alive”

“One last chance to make up for your life / Fill out your donor card and give someone your eyes / Why are you alive, I see you’re eating and you’re breathing / Always searing meet and, one day maybe greeting / If you won’t stop being an asshole, give your eyes to science.”

The Offspring – “Original Prankster”

This was the worst of all of the Offspring singles, including both “Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)” and “Why Don’t You Get a Job,” as well as a flurry of terrible and completely unlistenable songs that were released and promoted by either the band or their label later on.

Smrtdeath – “I’ma Shine Like…”

This song is relevant to our theme today only in that it samples a song that was mentioned in season two of American Vandal, when would-be Turd Burglar Kevin McLain recounts his remarking to a close friend about her singing of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.”

Cream – “Strange Brew”

Because the aforementioned Kevin McLain is both strange and obsessively focused on the means and methods of brewing various different families of teas, in addition to implementing relatively unique and otherwise advanced formats for the application of either the leaves or water in drinking said tea, here is this song.

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