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CIVL Shuffle — May 15, 2019



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy is in Ontario for now, and you might call it a…

Tropical Fuck Storm – “You Let My Tyres Out”

This song is my current obsession. I learned about it over a year ago, but on vacation I’m learning it on guitar now, even though I can’t play any of the insanely tasteful and virtuosic methodically ad-libbed interplay. What I can do is imitate singer Gareth Liddiard’s Aussie growl.

The Get Up Kids – “Holiday”

This whole album to me is a remnant from my mid-teens, so forgive me if what you see as simple, pedantic, under-produced, over-thought soft-emo pop rock seems more to me like deliberately percolating generational anthems championing the rise of a new word order of youth! Please.

Pixies – “Holiday”

Not one of the most well-known pieces by one of the most one-time quizzical, now critically over the hill Bostonians to throw a punk-twanged axe into the not-much-of-a-college-town music scene over the ‘80s… but this is a decent tune from Frank Black!

Weezer – “Holiday”

When they returned with the aforementioned forebears to grace the arena stages with yet a fourth arena tour since their return only two years prior, the =w= really left all pretensions behind, and started playing El Sorcho live again — so I hate that tour and I hate those two bands.

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