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CIVL Shuffle — October 24, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy exercised his democratic freedom in voting this past weekend. Did you?

Radiohead – “2+2=5”

A song that leads off the 2003, sixth full-length release of the one band you just don’t ever refer to in your band’s press release, apparently, and an album that’s titled Hail to the Thief, plays on our institutionalized need for leaders above us, and delves into Orwellian rhetoric.

Queen – “We Are the Champions”

Previously shuffled, I’m sure, but a rallying cry for those whose tears bare the sweet taste of victory, rather than the bitter odor of defeat that some Abbotsford council candidates and all around nice guys, tbh have been swallowing term after term while the status quo maintains in local politics.

Hues Corporation – “Rock the Boat”

Wanna dance while you make a difference in your community by overcoming voter malaise across the country? Of course you do! Why should anything have to be boring? The least of which making an impact on the social fabric of the community you live in! Rock the vote, baby, yeah!

Elton John – “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”

I don’t think there’s a more appropriate song for a group of people who’ve just spent the last several months planning and executing their path to victory against teams of others trying to unseat them if they’re incumbents, at least. Imagine this song playing at your election victory party. Vagabonds!

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