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CIVL Shuffle — September 26, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy DJ’d this week at the UFV Bookstore’s Customer Appreciation Day, an annual event of excitement and exercise. (Not really, I just wanted to alliterate, it was only exciting.) MONSTER was also giving out bevies, and so here’s a Monster-themed shuffle.

Jon McKiel – “Monster of the Mirimachi”

Not one that I played at this week’s event, but one that’s keenly written and recorded to leave the creepiest of feels after the ghostly riff, harrowing breakdown, and surprisingly heavy buildup of the song’s Confidence Lodge recorded crescendo. “All the writers have written, hands on fire, hearts all smitten.”

Eminem – “Monster”

We all remember Eminem’s original song that we thought was someone else’s — no, it wasn’t “My Name Is,” though I certainly personally recall Labbi Sifre’s “I Got The Blues” when I hear that particular breakout hit — it was Stan, with the Phil Collins reference and Dido hook, Monster reminds of …

Kanye West – “Monster”

This extended centrepiece from Kanye’s PFM-approved 10.0 groundbreaking hip-hop recording, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, where Nikki replaces the vocal help of Rhi Rhi, and Yeezy proceeds to foreshadow to the world why in the Trump era we’d all essentially be completely scared of who he really is.

Queens of the Stone Age – “Monster in the Parasol”

More upbeat, quirky, and perhaps even kitschy than even the recent Third Eye Blind cover of Queens of the Stone Age’s R-rated focal point, “In The Fade,” featuring Mark Lanegan, formerly of Screaming Trees, and currently guesting on the most recent Neko Case release on a powerful murder (?) ballad.

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