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I feel like most people, at some point in their lives, recognize the difference between being a fan, and being part of a fandom. Fandoms can be good, but for the most part, as soon as something gets popular, the worst parts of its audience get louder.

There are viewers out there who are watching Rick and Morty, and for some reason think Rick is the hero to emulate. Yeah, it’s just a cartoon — but the writing is smart, smarter than the people whose main takeaway is that being an obnoxious asshole is good, as long as you have the skills and science (which these people usually don’t) to back it up.

So what’s that led to? That brewing toxicity in the subculture evolved into female writers and staff on the show being harassed and doxxed, and into minimum wage employees at McDonald’s being yelled at by trolls over goddamn Szechuan sauce. Get a grip, you’re embarrassing everyone else, as well as Papa Harmon.

Also, other than the mayo, McDonald’s has always been mid-tier at best when it comes to fast food sauce. Period.

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