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It’s not Russia’s fault your country is terrible



It’s not important if Putin is a mastermind who somehow influenced the election. Now, this plays regardless of the impact that he had — I’d argue there was one, but it wasn’t definitive in Trump’s victory. First, you have to address the truth that Western empires have done nothing BUT interfere in other nations and communities for their own profit. This has often come back to bite them in the ass, commonly leading to mass murder and genocide, which is a thousand times worse than an oaf in a big house. However, more important is the fact that if we’re mad at nation state actors working in their best interests, we’ve done precious little (and I say we as in democracies across the globe) to confront or limit the influence of individuals and corporations who are more than willing to throw their money around to get what they want in order to dictate policy and discourse. Even if Trump gets impeached, we move forward with electoral reform, or Russia is sanctioned — will that be enough to justify having overt faith in the system?

I mean, if it does, will that faith last until the water wars, or President Oprah?

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